Three tips to get cheaper flights

Are you booking a flight soon? With endless choices and fluctuating costs, flight bookings can sometimes be overwhelming. With some research and careful planning, you might have the ability to find a cheaper flight.

Here are some tips that can save you time and money in your effort to find a cheap airfare:

Time It

Booking well ahead of time for travelling in a peak period will mean avoiding the price-jump that typically takes place within fourteen days of the flight departing. If you are going overseas, you’ll want to book even sooner, generally three to six months before departure for the best possible deal. However, sometimes it pays to book late as well.

Occasionally an airline will fail to fill an aircraft. You can take advantage of this but only if you book at the very last minute. You’ll need to be flexible about dates and likely even locations as well. If you like to plan things out, this choice might not work for you.

Direct Flight vs Connecting Flight

It may take a few transfers, but you may have the ability to get to your destination for more affordable than you may think. A direct flight can often be more costly than taking multiple budget flights to get to the destination together with stopovers along the way.

Clear your browsers cookies

While searching for flights, ensure you activate incognito or private browsing in your web browser. The reason? Websites you visit frequently store cookies in your browser. These cookies report back to the site that you’re trying to find the same flights, thereby increasing the costs of your trips that are searched, and maybe leading you into thinking that you should book asap or you might miss out.

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