3 ways to save for your next holiday

Travelling overseas costs big money and with the dollar being less than stellar lately, saving up for a foreign venture requires a determined effort. But whether you’re seeking to save a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, there are numerous creative ways to add money to your ‘forthcoming trip’ account.

Do you want that gym membership?

A gym membership can put a large hole in your budget. Commercial gymnasiums operate under the assumption that keeping fit must cost you money.

This isn’t correct. A weekend football game in the park with friends, a long bushwalk, a brisk swim at the beach or any strenuous gardening can be equally as successful for staying in shape and these actions are free.

Stop spending on your credit cards

Credit card debt is an enormous issue in Australia, with over $32 billion due and the average debt per cardholder exceeding $4300. There is not a lot you can do about the money you’ve spent, but it’s still possible to take the bull by the horns and tackle your current debt situation head-on.

Sell your unwanted junk around the home

A fast way to create spare cash for travelling would be to unload your unwanted possessions through a garage sale or online (eBay, Gumtree, etc.).

Trading possessions for unique travel experiences is usually a reasonably good bargain. When an item has been sitting in your closet gathering dust for years, chances are you can probably live without it.

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