Journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step

The 1000 Steps Walk, an institution for fitness fans across Melbourne. Making the 3km trek among the most popular places in the Dandenong Ranges National Park, but its steep terrain isn’t to be underestimated. But this suits many that are often preparing to tackle the actual “Kokoda Track”.

Made in the early 1900s, the 1000 Steps Walk was originally made from the trunks of tree ferns placed across the wetter regions of the track to make the 290-metre ascent somewhat simpler. These are replaced by a mixture of wooden steps and concrete section overtime to make sure that the monitor can handle users in all weather.

Plaques along the road depict the lives of the soldiers that fought and died on the actual Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, during World War II. The measures represent the golden staircase, a title given by Australian soldiers into the 2000 steps cut by the Australian Army Engineers and others to the track involving Uberi and Imita Ridge.

Is it less or more? Weekends with this Track can be extremely active, especially in the mornings.

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