Top 5 Ways To Get Summer Body Ready

Although we are in the depths of Winter, it won’t be long before Summer arrives again. Some people really hang out for the Summer season as it’s their favourite time of year. All this anticipation gets you thinking, what are some of the ways I can get Summer body ready in time? 

For some the preparation happens months in advance, and in fact Winter is an ideal time for procedures such as butt implants or cosmetic surgeries as it gives you ample time to recover and heal. Let’s look at the top ways you can get ready and achieve your body goals by Summer time.

Set the goal and make a plan.

The best way to start planning for Summer is to set yourself the goals you wish to achieve. From there, you can set a time schedule in place that counts down until the start of Summer. As mentioned, there are some things which take months in the planning and execution. Last Winter I went ahead with getting breast implants, and this was the perfect time to prioritise the procedure as I could rest and heal before a busy Summer holiday. So if you are planning some significant body changes, then you would arrange for them to happen first. 

Implement the plan.

As the months progress and get closer to Summer, you would begin each of the goals you have set yourself. The only way to enjoy good results is to implement the plan! Show up on time and push yourself through the exercise program you’ve set yourself to finish within the day. Easier said than done. So, strive to stay driven. Begin by setting a benchmark. Depending on the goal you’ve assigned yourself with such as leaner physique, slender silhouette, stronger gait, or healing from an injury, you will not earn that Summer body if you don’t work for it. If you want to increase endurance, then start run every morning. If you want to build core strength, you would need to start to do progressive sit-up exercises and concentrate on your body core.  

As is human nature, laziness, loneliness, and repetitive nature may drag you, so its important to stay motivated. It may also be a good idea to create a back-up plan for when you’re feeling less motivated. Focus on building a healthy lifestyle rather than jumping into activities you’re not feeling energised to do.

Eat right.

Healthy eating helps your body and your mind and concentration. Healthy eating goes hand in hand with exercise, and when you use up your energy through activities it’s important to choose healthier options for food. While COVID-19 is upon us, food serves us more than just being a source of nutrition. It also becomes our means for prevention. The greatest defence you can give yourself is the right amount of vitamins and minerals to combat any flu that doesn’t come from a supplement form. The more organic, the better. So, include greens in your diet for they have useful calories but won’t leave you bloated and won’t add to your body weight.

Remember to rest.

Don’t forget to include rest as part of your cycle. If you are using up a lot of your bodies energy, it needs time to recuperate. You may have formed new muscles or have challenged yourself physically. Your lungs may have expanded to full capacity, facilitating proper blood circulation. Working hard and breaking in to a sweat is important, but you may want to balance that out. Don’t forget to include cool down sessions as you finish working out. Include some meditation and yoga to your regime to let you breathe through the week and to introduce active stretching without being too harsh on your joints. 

Reflect then repeat.

Consistency is the key to developing good habits for yourself. Take your time in reframing your mind and not just focusing on your physical goals and achievements. After a good day’s work out, find a way to reconnect with yourself by reviewing how it matches your original plan. As the weeks get closer in the lead up to Summer, you may want to tweak the program, or add some more activities to reach you Summer goal. It’s important throughout all this to listen to your body.

It’s not just all about being physically ready. Sometimes, having the right mindset increases your ability to achieve your goals. Think holistically too, as your progress may result in overall a better way of life, every milestone that you reach is a step toward a better you. When you find what works best for you, you will notice the transformation taking place. When you reach the point where you’re very comfortable with your body, you attain the radiating confidence which makes you ready for your best Summer yet!