PcFix Mac Mini Milton Keynes With the privacy issues surrounding Windows 10 and the limited support and vulnerability of its predecessors, you might want to use a Mac Mini instead.

You can buy a new Mac Mini for about £480, but best to get one with a fusion drive if you can as it will be faster; the same applies to an iMac. We can usually recover your data from your old PC and set up your new Mac Mini in Milton Keynes for £70.

Want the best performance from a Mac Mini? Just leave it switched on with your favourite apps running most of the time. You can put it to sleep from the Apple menu when you leave your desk.

My Mac Mini in the photo is a late 2014 model with 4gb RAM. It is almost silent and can run most of the standard software that people use - for instance Libre Office, Microsoft Office, Skype and Google Chrome. If you keep your files in the cloud, e.g. Google Drive, you can just carry on working on them as you did in Windows. Serious gaming is not its forté, keep a Windows gaming machine or console for that.

What else will you need?

  • Keyboard and Mouse: Reuse your Windows one if it is USB or wireless, though the Apple ones are really nice.
  • Monitor, your existing one should fit, though you may need an adapter, e.g. VGA to HDMI depending on the connections you have on your monitor.
  • Speakers, chances are you can reuse your current ones. Bose speakers are super.

Security: Download BitDefender from the Apple App Store. Update and run it periodically. It's free. You may want to change your Energy Saver settings in System Preferences before scanning so your Mac does not go to sleep during a scan.

Speed: To speed up your Mac Mini (or other Mac), you can use a 500GB SSD in a UASP compatible caddy as your boot drive. There's some good background on YouTube. Here are instructions for installing and running from an external hard drive.

Note that Sage Accounts will not run on a Mac.

If you buy a used Mac Mini, make sure the operating system is Yosemite, El Capitan or Sierra and it has at least 4gb of RAM. Don't worry if the hard disk is small, its easy to store your data in the cloud, or on a 64gb or 128gb memory stick from Amazon.

Using your Mac Mini...

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