Windows XP CD, Milton Keynes Windows XP and Office 2003 have not been updated by Microsoft since 8th April 2014; this means that using the internet or emails on a PC running either of these products is increasingly insecure. Firefox drops support for XP in September 2017.

There are a few steps you can take if you rather like XP and don't want to move on:

  1. Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer for browsing and emails. If you cannot download Firefox because Internet Explorer no longer works, you can download it on another PC and install with a memory stick.
  2. AVG Free antivirus still supports XP.
  3. Use Libre Office instead of Microsoft Office.
  4. Stick to mainstream websites.
  5. Don't use your PC for banking or shopping etc. A tablet like an iPad is more secure.
  6. Keep XP for offline retro gaming: XP Gaming Tips.

Upgrade Scenarios

Office 2003: Replace with Libre Office from; it will provide the correct version for XP, which is version 5.2. It is free, easy to use and includes Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation software. It handles Microsoft Office files and can export in Office and pdf formats.

Windows XP on a desktop or laptop: Copy your data onto a memory stick and replace Windows with Linux Mint: It is a super operating system, easy to use and much more secure. It is best to take this opportunity to replace your HDD with an SSD and install Linux Mint on that. Usually a 120GB SSD will do the trick and should cost just £35 at Amazon.

Office 2003 and Saving Documents

By default Office 2003 saved as .doc, .xls or .ppt for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. As documents in these formats will potentially carry viruses, and may be blocked by email providers and email clients (like Windows Live Mail), it is best not to use them any more.

If you use Office 2010 or later, the preferred formats for documents are those provided by the Open Document Foundation. Your work will then be in a standard format for the future. If your version of Office does not support Open Document Format, then docx, xlsx and pptx should be used.

If you have a lot of documents in old formats, there is a guide to converting them here: Mass Conversion

If you have other suggestions or want us to secure or replace Windows XP or Office 2003 for you in Milton Keynes, please get in touch: David and Margaret. It typically costs £85 to upgrade a laptop with an SSD and Linux Mint.

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